My name is Drew and I live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my best friend and wife Margaret along with 2 cats and a dog. We are avid gardeners and love to grow flowers and all sorts of vegetables. We also try to go camping as often as possible and are always up for a hike or just having a fire.

I decided sometime last year that I wanted to go back to school to become an art teacher. I am interested in sharing the joys of art with people and am particularly drawn to middle school because of my own experiences and how art basically saved me. I want to help kids express themselves through art and to help them get through that very rough time in their lives!

I wanted to start this blog because I wanted a place to share my thoughts, stories, ideas, and other things. Facebook and Instagram have very soul sucking aspects to them (at least for me) and I wanted to have a space that wasn't so 'on' all the time. A place where I put more thought into things and took a little more time. I also want to share my journey of becoming an art teacher. I hope that you enjoy this site and I look forward to working on it and expanding it as time goes on.