2020 Mix

Harold Washington Library, Chicago

A friend of mine has been making yearly mixes that reflect the mood and feeling of the previous year. He invited me to make one this year and I had a pretty hard time putting one together. The last year has been full of music - really a staggering amount from every genre imaginable that all felt important to me. That said the mix here has left off a lot of stuff that didn't seem to fit. I chose to go a mostly chill / jazzy / introspective route, to help narrow it down.

I included songs from albums I listed to over and over this last year and that really helped me keep my spirits up or feel introspective and melancholic. The last show I got to see before the pandemic hit was Kamasi Washington. It was a week before everything hit the fan and I feel so lucky to have had that show as my most recent live music memory. I've included his song Truth on this mix, a song that just blows me away eveyr time I hear it! When I first heard this song I felt like I was a kid again, really hearing music in a different way for the first time.

Sze, The Tao of Painting